I am
the future
of work
now what?!

The conversation starts here
and young people need to be a part of it.

The way we learn, work and live is
changing faster than we even realise.
How does it affect you?

At the OECD, we can help young people to make sense of the public debates on jobs and learning. Through this platform, our goal is to give you the tools to understand these issues and the means to contribute to the conversation.

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How much do you know about
the state of the world of work?

We know it’s a tough world out there and you probably have a lot of questions,
so we’ve compiled some important resources for you on work and learning.

Dive deeper into the data, expert interviews and insights that we’ve gathered for you, from the OECD and beyond.


Young people and the OECD

Youthwise, the first youth advisory board of its kind at the OECD, was formed in 2021 to bring the youth perspective to OECD work. The board explored many areas of work across the OECD at all levels, with Youthwise members sharing their views on the new Youth Action Plan, the updated OECD Vision Statement. Following the success of the first year, the second cohort of Youthwise was selected in February 2022, with a focus on how we can build an inclusive and green future for & with young people. For more information on the Youthwise programme, the first cohort, and this year's members and activities, check out the dedicated Youthwise space.

Learn more about Youthwise

I am the future of work

This new initiative is part of the I am the Future of Work campaign, which we launched in 2019 to explore the impact on people’s lives of the major shifts taking place in the world of work. This consultation follows on from the Future of Work Roadshow event series, which was put on hold due to the pandemic.

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