Agence MYOP

The photo agency, Agence MYOP, represents a group of 19 photographic artists who bring together their different visions of contemporary photography and question today's world through the stories they tell.

Stéphane Lagoutte

As a press photographer, Stéphane Lagoutte feeds on the news as a means for reflexion, to improve his point of view. He also practices a more conceptual form of photography, always inspired by his observations of the world. For the I am the Future of Work campaign, Stéphane travelled to Japan and met retirees who have returned to work, women entrepreneurs, and those who use robotisation in their work.

France Keyser

France Keyser has spent much of the past fifteen years exploring social tensions in France. Since 2010, she has been working on compiling a photographic portrait of French Muslim communities, a body of work that gives a voice to the country’s Muslim population. For the I am the Future of Work campaign, France went to Germany and met with artists, refugees and entrepreneurs.

Ed Alcock

Ed Alcock’s personal work is set between documentary and fiction, and uses portrait and documentary landscape as the raw material for his projects. Ed is currently working on a long-term project investigating the repercussions of Brexit. For the I am the Future of Work campaign, Ed portrayed young couples working in the sectors of architecture, medicine and the beauty industry, as well as "slashers" and their families in the United States.

Pierre Hybre

As a documentary photographer, Pierre Hybre works on the concept of human and geographical territory, favoring a personal approach for each new subject he addresses. For the past few years, he has been working on documenting social issues in France. For the I am the Future of Work campaign, Pierre went to Mexico and photographed indigenous farmers, young people studying specific courses, and industrial workers.

Julien Daniel

Julien Daniel's photographs are marked by a sense of melancholy and poetry arising from the landscapes and faces within. Whether this is through documentaries, travel or portraits, his work finds its consistency in the expression of a sensitivity that appears implicitly through his subjects. For the I am the Future of Work campaign, Julien met with students, weavers, civil servants and farmers in France.

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